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My girlfriend thought that I mainly date married men at London escorts. Well, I do think that I may hook up with some married men, but in general, I would say that a lot of gents I date are single. Some of them have been married of course, and they now find themselves single again after a divorce. I rather like dating that kind of man. They are often a little bit lost and they need looking after when it all comes down to it.

So, how can you help a single man and do they need help? They do actually need a little bit of help. The other day I went on a London escorts outcall and ended up helping a gentleman with his washing machine. He did not have a clue how to turn it on and how to set it to one of the many programs available. It only took me a few minutes to figure it out, and now he knows how to use his washing machine. It really made me smile, but he was not the first, and I am sure that he will not be the last.

Men who have been married also seem to have a problem shopping for clothes. I did not believe it when a man I had been dating for a while at London escorts asked me to come shopping with him. I did not mind at all. It turned out that he was color blind and had a really hard time choosing the right colors. At least that explained why he normally turned up in a navy suit all of the time when we had a date scheduled.

Preparing and cooking food is another problem most girls at London escorts come across. I don’t normally work Saturday nights at London escorts, but if I have a longer date, I am happy to help out. A couple of weeks ago, a man wanted me to come with him to his country home. I love getting out of London so it was my pleasure to do so. On the Sunday morning he asked me if I knew how to make scrambled eggs. Apparently he had been missing scrambled eggs so I made a lovely plate of scrambled eggs.

I do think that a lot of the gents we date at London escorts live on take away. The other night a man complained about heartburn and told me he had taken anti acids. Naturally I asked him why, and I soon found that he had been eating curry takeaways for the last five nights. There was little wonder that he was not feeling too good and he really needed to think about what he eats. Maybe he should go to a nearby restaurant and have a healthy meal instead. I really was not sure what to say to him at that stage.  I did feel sorry for him, and I found myself cooking a meal for him a couple of nights later.

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